FIFA Winner Teams In History


Football’s history is rich and warm. It has been enjoying immense popularity since long. Scotland and England played the first international football match in 1872. Interestingly, as it became popular in other countries it was given a status in the summer Olympics of 1904. FIFA. was founded in the same year, as a universal control center for the sport. The world was going through some mass-scale wars and crisis but FIFA was able to hold the first world cup in 1930. FIFA was able to do that because of football’s success at the Olympics. The rest is history and a glorious one. FIFA has been able to manage twenty football world cups. A comprehensive list of all the FIFA winner teams in History is provided in the later part of this post.

First World Cup

The maiden world cup was played in the year 1930. Uruguay hosted the event and made history by winning it too. The inaugural event had merely thirteen participating teams. Argentina was the runner up. Since then, FIFA world cups have been held every 4 years, albeit 1942 and 1946 world cups were postponed due to the on going World War 2.

FIFA Winner Teams In History

A comprehensive list of all the countries which have had the glorious opportunity of lifting the cup is provided here.

Year       Winning nation
1930       Uruguay
1934       Italy
1938       Italy
1950       Uruguay
1954       West Germany
1958       Brazil
1962       Brazil
1966       England
1970       Brazil
1974       West Germany
1978       Argentina
1982       Italy
1986       Argentina
1990       West Germany
1994       Brazil
1998       France
2002       Brazil
2006       Italy
2010       Spain 
2014       Germany


Teams with the most Wins

If we look at all the FIFA Winner Teams In History, we realize that 8 teams have won the prestigious FIFA world cups till now.

  • Brazil has lifted the FIFA world cup for a record five times.
  • Italy and Germany won it four times each
  • Argentina and Uruguay, both of them have won it twice
  • While, Spain and France were triumphant once only.

FIFA World Cup 2018

We have talked about the past, FIFA world cup 2018 is the future! The world cup is just around the corner. Get all the details about it in addition to the live stream links at Love Football!



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