Qualified teams FIFA 2018 googlsports.com
Qualified teams FIFA 2018 googlsports.com

2018 is Special for all the football fans around the world as its FIFA World Cup and one of the highly anticipated  events in Football. The Official Song is out, qualified teams are announced and the official ball Telstar 18 by Adidas has been Revealed. What more to Wait For? We will keep you updated throughout the whole World cup and u can watch The Live streams , Match Highlights and News by keeping in touch with us. FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 QUALIFIED TEAMS.

Qualified Teams for FIFA 2018 Russia :

32 Teams Qualified for the world cup ,31 fought to Qualify while Russia being the host Automatically Qualified for the Tournament. FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 QUALIFIED TEAMS.. Here is the list of teams qualified from different continents:

Qualified Teams For 2018 FIFA World Cup (Confirmed)
1 Russia Direct qualification as hosts
2 Germany UEFA Group C winners
3 Brazil CONMEBOL Qualification Round winners
4 Iran Asian Qualifiers – Group A Winners
5 Japan Asian Qualifiers – Group B Winners
6 Mexico CONCACAF Qualifiers winners
7 Belgium UEFA Group H winners
8 South Korea Asian Qualifiers – Group A Runners-up
9 Saudi Arabia Asian Qualifiers – Group B Runners-up
10 England UEFA Group F Winners
11 Spain UEFA Group H Winners
12 Nigeria African Qualifiers – Group B Winners
13 Egypt African Qualifiers – Group E Winners
14 Senegal African Qualifiers – Group D Winners
15 Costa Rica CONCACAF Qualifiers – Runners-up
16 Poland UEFA Group E Winners
17 Iceland UEFA Group I Winners
18 Serbia UEFA Group D Winners
19 Portugal UEFA Group B Winners
20 France UEFA Group A Winners
21 Uruguay South American Qualifiers – Runners-up
22 Argentina South American Qualifiers – Third place
23 Colombia South American Qualifiers – Fourth place
24 Panama CONCACAF Qualifiers – Third Place
25 Northern Ireland vs Switzerland European Playoff
26 Croatia vs Greece  European Playoff
27 Sweden vs Italy  European Playoff
28 Denmark vs Republic of Ireland  European Playoff
29 Tunisia or Congo DR  African Qualifiers – Group A Winners
30 Morocco or Ivory Coast African Qualifiers – Group C Winners
31 Australia vs Honduras AFC Best Second placed vs North American Fourth Place
32 New Zealand vs Peru  Oceania Winners vs South American qualifier fifth pla

The Official Song :


The official World Cup Ball Telstar is has been Revealed on 09 Nov 2017. Its Design is based on the first World cup ball Designed by Adidas. Adidas has been the Provider of Official World Cup ball since 1970. The ball is indeed like a History of football World cups repeated again. This ball can easily be considered one of the best designs of World cup ever.  FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 QUALIFIED TEAMS.


About The Groups 

There are 8 groups in the world cup Groups A to H.

  • FIFA World Cup 2018 – Groups A-D (Confirmed)
    Russia Portugal France  Argentina 
    Saudi Arabia Spain  Australia  Iceland 
    Egypt  Morocco  Peru  Croatia
    Uruguay  Iran  Denmark Nigeria 
    FIFA World Cup 2018 – Groups E-H (Confirmed)
    Brazil Germany Belgium Poland
    Switzerland Mexico Panama Senegal
    Costa Rica Sweden Tunisia Colombia
    Serbia South Korea England Japan

Stay in Touch…

Stay in touch with us and keep yourself updated from all the upcoming matches, Schedules, News of World Cup 2018 and their live streams.FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 QUALIFIED TEAMS.


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