Who’s the best – Messi vs Ronaldo. This is a point, where almost every soccer fan reaches at some point of time. Moreover, he picks one player and spends a greater part of his life in developing arguments which support his choice. For those of you, who are confused or haven’t decided your side, this is the right destination. Apart from that, soccer fans having a side could revisit and rethink their choice, after looking at the arguments and facts which will be given regarding this dilemma. However, nobody can deny the fact that these two are remarkable players. Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo are extremely talented and skillful, undoubtedly.

Who’s the best – Messi vs Ronaldo

The analogy between the two maestros of soccer will be drawn on multiple grounds. No disrespect is intended to either of the players. Lets see Who’s the best – Messi vs Ronaldo.

The Number Game

If we look at the numbers, they paint a picture, which is given as under. However, the numbers aren’t a comprehensive indicator of the greatness of any player. Apart from the numbers and statistics, there is a whole lot, which is taken into consideration while indicating that.

                                               Lionel Messi

2009 10 Games: 64 Goals: 49 Assists: 11
2010 11 Games: 61 Goals: 51 Assists: 22
2011 12 Games: 73 Goals: 77 Assists: 27
2012 13 Games: 65 Goals: 75 Assists: 18
2013 14 Games: 54 Goals: 44 Assists: 12


                                            Christiano Ronaldo

2009 10 Games: 39 Goals: 33 Assists: 7
2010 11 Games: 65 Goals: 56 Assists: 16
2011 12 Games: 67 Goals: 71 Assists: 16
2012 13 Games: 73 Goals: 62 Assists: 14
2013 14 Games: 60 Goals: 65 Assists: 15


Skills Department

Messi likes to possess the ball in tough situations. Whenever he is in a tight corner, he somehow manages to get out of it. Moreover, he uses the back heel in the most elegant manner. All this makes him very successful in the field. Apart from that, he finds his team mates when he gets surrounded. However, Ronaldo, is more of an artist than Messi. He is a treat to watch while he is in the field. He has an equally great back heel. The only caveat is that he fails to find his team mates as frequently in tough situations as Messi does. This puts down his efficiency a bit.


Messi has this attitude of developing strong chemistry with the team. In Barcelona, Andres Iniesta and Xavi enjoy beautiful coordination with Messi. He fits well with the team and puts in effort to take everyone along. However, there are some voices in Real Madrid which accuse Ronaldo of being arrogant and unjust. They feel Ronaldo plays for himself and wants to take the entire spotlight. Fans have this opinion too. Historically, Ronaldo has missed some important goals due to this lack of cooperation with others in the team.

Free kick

In this department, the difference is very little. However Ronaldo takes the edge here. Free kicks by Messi aren’t about aggression. They are about technique and strayegy. Apart from that, one down side in his free kicks is that he can’t vary them as much as Ronaldo can. On the other side, Ronaldo’s kicks are absolutely delightful. He could curl them and he knows those specific places and angles on the ball, which provide maximum efficiency in the free kick.


Ronaldo has a body, which is an inspiration for millions. Moreover, his training videos and pictures float all over the internet. Whenever he confront an opponent on the field, he dominates due to his height and strong built. On the contrary, Messi has a shorter height. He doesnt have the same strong built as Ronaldo. However he still is very dominating and strong in the field. It takes a lot for any opponent to steal the ball from him.


Ronaldo has been accused of not scoring well in high voltage matches. Selfishness and other things have also been associated wit him. Messi is considered to be the X factor in any game. Messi with a positive attitude and his ability to score well in conditions when it matters the most, make him the answer of our question ,’ Who’s the best – Messi vs Ronaldo.’


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